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Foresight-led Design Direction for Builders, Architects, & Brands

residential & commercial markets

Broadside Studios leads bespoke white-paper reports per customer.  For our subscription forecasts, please see our AVENUE Architectural Foresight Journal.

Our proprietary 3-pt methodology is the backbone of our reports:


Regional, National & Global

Whether your need is for a specific US state, the country, or the entire world, we tailor our research to the unique impact our economies, culture, and demographic shifts have on your region of focus.


Product Analytics

We blend our trend insights with your sales data, to give you a detailed understanding of important changes, upticks and warning signs you may not have previously seen.


Design Forecasting

We develop custom Design Forecasts, tailored to the exact needs of your project, brand, or collection. When paired with our Market Research & Trend Metrics, your map for the next five years emerges.


Discover Our Services

PRODUCT DIRECTION  -- For clients looking to DEVELOP new offerings or RATIONALIZE existing ones, we develop custom white paper reports for your brand. Using a our 3-pt methodology of sales analytics, market research, and design forecasting, we deliver compelling strategy roadmaps for:

  • SKU rationalizations
  • color, finish & profile development
  • regional & national product development
  • product development roadmaps

FORECASTS PER MARKET  -- We specialize in 3-5 year DESIGN FORECASTS for architectural environments, covering: residential architecture & hardscapes, residential interiors, furnishings & decor, commercial environments, hospitality, and senior living.

    • Including, but not limited to:
    • consumer & lifestyle insights
    • important design shifts
    • key elevation & layout trends
    • hardscapes / softscapes
    • color / material / finish direction

MARKETING -- We design BRANDED CONTENT to assist our clients with delivering their design & forecasting messages accurately and passionately to their internal and external audiences.

  • branded forecast reports
  • forecast  / design editorials
  • style guides
  • CEU development & presentations
  • keynote & webinar presentations

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